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In myths, Greek gods sitting on the Olympus, were playing with whole peoples, setting off wars and sending epidemics for fun. It sounds like times when human fortunes are in hands of fanciful celestial beings have not sunk into oblivion with the Ancient Hellas. Nowadays, the role of godlings inaccessible and insensitive to requests of ordinary people is applied to top-managers of DTEK energy holding.

Residents of Botievo consolidated territorial community (CTC) whose roads and houses were destroyed due to the heavy load traffic of DTEK demand from the company to fulfill and promise and eliminate the damage. Mass media have may times reported that four human settlements were affected by the construction of the Botievo wind farm and the first stage of Primorsk wind farm.

In December 2017, the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine issued a Law “On the Environmental Impact Assessment”. DTEC was the first company in Zaporizhzhia region that’s covered with the “new wave” of the legislation, or rather its subsidiary Orlivska Vitroelektrostantsia LLC.

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