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  • The heavy equipment of “DETEK” has destroyed roads and houses in villages of Zaporozhe Region

The heavy equipment of “DETEK” has destroyed roads and houses in villages of Zaporozhe Region

Residents of the villages of Botievo, Primorskii Posad, Stroganivka raise alarm: their houses have started to crack. It has been caused by trucks that round-the-clock drive village roads. People complain to the local authorities, write collective addresses but the village council officers just make a helpless gesture with their hands.


Ivan Sukharenko, resident of Botievo, shows cracks on the house and says that they have occurred when heavy transporters have started driving through the village, writes Vsia vlast.

The house was built in 1980, i.e. it is not old. Now, I hardly manage noticing new cracks. I have already put up wallpapers for several times but that will not preserve the house from the destruction, and none will compensate it to me. When there was a meeting in our village to which an investor representative was invited, many residents even did not know about that. We were not informed to have the least number of the outraged at the meeting, says Ivan Leontievich.

Residents say that in 2010, when the investor — DTEK company — just was planning the construction and conducted public hearings, its representatives voiced that millions of funds would be invested in the development of the infrastructure of the villages. However it turned out that upon the construction of the first stage of the object by the investor, everyone has thrown the broken roads “under the bus”.

We have traced: 48 mixing trucks drive every day. They drive at the high speed — 80 km — window glasses fall out in houses. I told them (representatives of DTEK company - ed. note) that they should either reduce the speed or not to drive across the village, says Nikolai Chubukliev, head of Botievo village council. - They were driving across the villages, though they initially told that bypass roads would be built. When we asked when they would repair the roads, they answered that they did not have the rout in the direction where roads were broken and would not repair anything.

Some years ago, during public hearings the decision was made to create the commission that would advocate the interests of the community, including the issues of the roads reparation.

We asked to repair roads in Botievo and Stroganivka villages, provide electric power privileges for the local residents because the most powerful wind farm is located on the territory of our village council and also repair local highways. Today neither requirement has been fulfilled. It was some kind of an agreement between DTEK and the community, tells deputy of Botievo CTC Vladimir Kharchenko.

The investor is planning to get down to the second stage of the construction of the Priazovskoe wind farm next month. They again promise repairing roads that will be broken with the heavy-duty vehicles. Representatives of the district authorities again are ready to take investor's word for it.

- They said, “We will start working and do that”. There is a route — we will build a road, says Chubukliev.

By the way, the head of the village council is currently on the side of the company and not on the side of the community, and not just in issues of the infrastructure development but also in the employment issues.

- Currently, over 100 persons are temporarily employed. They are residents of Botievo and Stroganivka. Everyone who wished working — everyone works, people predominantly want working as guards because there is an opportunity to steal something on this position. Many people who already work have been caught in stealing. People don’t want working; as to the investor, no one doesn’t owe anything to anyone now, said Chubukliev.

While the authorities stand up for the investor, the community has to repair roads at their own expenses. Several farmers, for example, made a patching repair of 1.2 km of the road. The repair costed UAH 240 ths.

Who needs us? The state will not assign money here, and the investor has made it plain that he has broken the road and that’s all he wrote. Last year, we pooled some money and made the road within 5 days, says the local farmer.

While some people repair roads at their own expenses, the others restore their houses, the local authorities still trust in the investor who has once bushed out the community.