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In myths, Greek gods sitting on the Olympus, were playing with whole peoples, setting off wars and sending epidemics for fun. It sounds like times when human fortunes are in hands of fanciful celestial beings have not sunk into oblivion with the Ancient Hellas. Nowadays, the role of godlings inaccessible and insensitive to requests of ordinary people is applied to top-managers of DTEK energy holding.

Such an impression is at least formed based on the situation in Priazovskii district of Zaporizhzhia oblast where citizens of Botievo CTC cannot gain from the company representatives an intelligible answer to the questions of their concern. First of all, when village roads broken with DTEK heavy trucks will be repaired in Botievo and Stroganivka? And secondly, who will repair dwelling houses destroyed as the result of the company construction of Botievo and Primorsk wind farms.

Attempts to establish a meaningful dialogue with the local representative of the developer, director of Primorsk wind farm Yurii Zhabskii are ineffective. Earlier, he repeatedly promised to Botievo residents to solve their problems; now he is like a fanciful goddess, dismissing well-grounded claims of people.

Affected residents of the community realizing that their own capabilities were not enough to reach out to the “gods” of DTEK, applied to SPRAVZHNI DII public organization for help. The situation seemed to get off the ground. Yurii Zhabskii went to dialogue and even agreed to put down on the memorandum paper obligations to CTC. But on a day of preceding of the document signing, director of Primorsk wind farm broke agreements and refused of continuing the talk.

After that, social activists applied to director general of DTEK company Maksym Timchenko with the request to appoint another person as the company representative who would be more responsible than Yurii Zhabskii. And even here people’s appeals have been ignored. It seems, Botievo residents don’t see any alternative but to apply to court; it will drag down the resolution process for many years to come.

“White collar workers” from the holding metropolitan office are not interested in the problems of small villages of Pryazovia residents. Celestial beings come down to the ground to poor mortal beings only when they need something for themselves. For example, lands of Zaporizhzhia region.

Sirs from DTEK, you should either take off laureate wreathes of “socially responsible investors”, or cover tunics. While you are blissfully happy on the financial Olympus, common residents of Botievo have to repair and restore houses destroyed by you at their own expenses.