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The tragedy on Zaporozhkoks plant is a consequence of an "ecocide"

We want to recall that 16/03/2017 at around 3 pm there was an explosion on one of  Zaporozhye Coke and Chemical Plant's department.


3 men were arrested and criminal proceeding had been started.

"Around 3pm during the welding works there was an explosion of water collector with refrigerated technological cleanglow in it. As a result, 4 workers died" – Zaporozhskyi region Prosecutor's office.

It is also reported that the preliminary cause of an explosion is a violation of technological regulations for operations that needs fire.

On the fact of the explosion, all the necessary information was added into the ERDR (Single register of pre-trial investigations in Ukraine) and in accordance with Part 2 of Art. 272 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine criminal proceedings were started (Violation of safety rules during high-level of danger works, which caused death of people).

Due to Art. 208 of Code of Criminal Procedure of Ukraine 3 people were arrested: two heads of structural units of the plant and an employee of the Main Department of the State Service of Ukraine for Emergency Situations in Zaporozhye region.

The tragedy that happened in Zaporozhye Coke and Chemical Plant Zaporozhkoks of Metinvest group, which took 4 lives, is caused by a whole chain of objective circumstances.

"Zaporozhkoks" was built in 1934, during USSR industrialization that was held in order to meet the requirements for coke that "Zaporozhstal" had.

When R. Akhmetov "chose" Zaporozhstal plant he also decided to "take care" of Zaporozhkoks. The main task of the Metinvest Group was to obtain the greatest profit with the least cost. In modernization of production wasn't invested a single penny.

As a consequence, - the grossest violations by the management of the plant of all norms and laws:

  1. When carrying out works of increased danger (fire work), the coke gas cooling container must have been purged with nitrogen or other inert gas.
  2. For the entire period of the fire works, a permanent gas analysis post should be installed, which is prescribed by the form of the work permit.
  3. In order to avoid the accumulation of explosive mixtures in the area where the fire works are performed, as a result of the leakage of the gas pipelines, all stop valves must be muted.

This tragedy could be avoided if only the heads of Metinvest paid attention to the environmental legislation of Ukraine, if they thought about the consequences.

In order to do this, "normal" countries install a reactor for the afterburning of benzene at the discharge of waste gases. It is the exceeding of the permissible concentration led to an explosion. At least they could establish monitoring systems on waste flues in order to monitor outgoing gases.

Metinvest Group has a big experience in "dealing" with criminal proceedings, they can easily get out of any situation (in a pinch, they can sent to jail some master of one of the departments).

In this case we can also put in jail a firefighter.

We hope that human memory will remember this case not only for a week or two and the prosecutor's office will finally prove that an explosion of Zaporozhkoks was a consequence of an "ecocide".