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Rostislav Shurma – Goebbels of our time

When Rostislav Shurma became the head of Zaporozhstal, the headmasters of this plant have adopted the phrase that used to belong to Minister of Propaganda of Nazi Germany J. Goebbels: "The bigger the lie, the more it will be believed".


This conclusion can be done, after getting acquainted with social media of Zaporozhye, who is now under control of R. Shurma, the great trader of feminine hygiene products Procter & Gamble (P&G) in the past and unique manager in present.

ROST independent newspaper had published "a fabulous" article after visiting Zaporozhstal plant:
"Zaporozhstal plant is embedding IT technologies, which will monitor the amount of emissions and control the whole production".

It is absolutely clear for all, that this article is nothing more than just another PR-action of Zaporozhstal plant.

According to the latest ecological inventory, the plant is using equipment that has 857 sources of emissions that pollute the atmosphere. At present, there are only 7 (SEVEN) emission control system in use. These are aspiration systems of the back parts sintering machines No 1-6 (Introduced in 2007) and the back parts of sintering machines No 1-6 (Introduced in 2011-2016).

In order to pass a complex environmental assessment and to get permission on building, plants are obligated to establish these control systems.
ROST newspaper claims, that there are no thousands kilometers of fiber that everyone is talking about.

From 857 emission sources only seven equipped with control systems, it is less than 1% that is required. Moreover, testimonies that were taken from DURAG (dust control system) gas analyzers Simens, Sintrol show that emission control equipment deal only with slurried parts and an amount of sulfur dioxide emissions significantly bigger from allowable standards in Ukraine.

So, in what branch this plant is "a leader"?

We want to finish this article with a phrase of Albert Speer: "With the help of technical devices such as radio and speaker, 800 millions of people lost their independent way of thinking…"