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Operation "Harvest" gain further momentum, people are fed up of waiting

In not too distant 2015 26-year old Alexandr Pravosud became the head of the Akimovka district administration. Despite his age, the new head of the district turned out to be very inventive and sharp person. With his appearance in the district, each resident, even in remote villages, have felt all the “charm” of the new-coming authorities. As the “stupid” townsfolk say, with Pshonka was much easier to live.

He owe a lot to People’s Deputies S. Valentirov and A. Ponamarev for his designation, about what young official does not forget to mention at every good opportunity. Sitting comfortably in the chair of the district head, Pravosud decides: to remove all those who are interfere with his stealing by reconsidering the question of personnel. The new head treated majority of his employees like they were people of the lower class, he fired all the “inconvenient” without any proceedings, leaving only brainless accomplices, who agreed to do everything he asks for. One of the devoted ones turned out to be Alexander Chaban, who is currently a lawyer in Akimovka Regional State Administration. It was he who became the “right hand” of Pravosud, who is completely absorbed in the affairs of the chairman.

With an exceptional zeal within the notorious operation “Harvest”, they monitored the lands that were entrusted to the Pravosud, as if they were his own. Pravosud began to review the contractual terms of cooperation between the representatives of agriculture and district administration. Throughout the work that has been done, it became clear that the new chairman does not like a lot the outlined lease contracts. Pravosud justified his actions in a very simple way – under the guise of fight against illicit land allocation, he became to rob scattered farms. As an honorable government official he had not forgot to mention, that everything is agreed with the owners (S. Valentirov and O. Ponamarev), and he is a simple executive of will of the Great.

One of the first enterprises that fell under the “sight” of Pravosud was Tavria LLC, located in the village Novodanilovka, Akimovka district. During the harvesting in the summer 2015, representatives of the district state administration through the Deputy Chairman Chaban Alexander, together with the police, hindered the agricultural works, reasoning their actions with incorrectly drawn up lease contract.  

Two sides failed to resolve the conflict peacefully. The state administration filed a lawsuit against Tavria LLC. During the proceedings, all the agricultural equipment and harvested crops were under arrest. Moreover, all the grain was placed in a vault, which, for unknown reasons, was under the police  24-hour security. In the end, the court remained on the side of Tavria LLC, but the company incurred huge financial loss. However, if we assume that entrepreneurs could remain without their lands, we can say that they got away with a slight fright.

Of course Tavria LLC was not the only victim. Provate enterprise Agrotek, owned by Yuri Goncharov, located in Sheliugi village, did not remain without the attention of the new chairman. Many enterprises could not resist Pravosuds’ onslaught, they could not confront the districts’ new chairman and keep leased lands, they lost it and their earning potential. It also became known that among the farmers there were several entrepreneurs that were ready to pay for their immunity. On a personal meeting, farmers Gros Vladimir and Skriabin Evgeniy discussed with Pravosud the terms of cooperation and agreed on the amount of money that will weaken the chairman’s vigilance, without forgetting to “accidentally” record their conversation on the phone.

Under the auspices of “Harvest” operation,  it turned out, that our illegal plots fighter, is an unspoken owner of Azov enterprise. This enterprise was formed due to the new Pravosud’s opportunities. What is noteworthy, it is the father of our hero who is working hard as the agronomist in previous mentioned firm. As a service car he uses Lanos, which is on the balance of the Akimovka Regional State Administration. It is worth remembering the valuable employee Alexander Chaban, who in parallel to his direct duties manages to fully deal with the affairs of the Azov firm. He conducts competitive bidding processes and oversees work from the sowing period until the very harvesting.

It became known, in the reports of Azon firm reflected the under-valuation of productivity. According to the official data of the State Committee for Land Management, the farm includes: for the year 2014 – 112 hectares, for 2015 – 153 hectares, 2016 – 343 hectares. In fact, more than 700 hectares are handled, who can count it except for the head of the Regional State Administration?

It would be worth to mention, that the declaration of incomes for 2015-2016 filled by mister Pravosud shows that the official live from salary to salary and has no additional income. However, the transparency of the submitted data is doubted. Mr. Pravosud could not even handle with transport expensive with his stated income, as the chaitman daily overcomes the distance of 60 km from Militopol to Akimovka on not declared car – white BMW X6

Another difficult question: where does the poor official live? Does he really live with parents?

Returning to the person of Alexander Chaban we should note, that the “right hand” of the chairman sometimes seen on charity events. His work was aimed at providing orphans, who have reached adulthood, with homes in Kirillovka. What is important, the house indeed has been singled out, but ironically, the orphans have not received anything.

It also became known that Pravosud provided funds for the repairing of the school and the service center in the village Peremozhnoye, Akimovka district. However, the repairs that were carried out do not meet the funding from the state budget. Thus question was raised by Peremozhnoye village council with a further request to make an audit of monetary budget funds. The question calmed down faster than it arose. The chairman of Regional State Administration personally dealt with it and hasn’t seen any violations.

Where do the local media look? The editors of Akimovka region Slovo Trudovika newspaper is under the personal control of the head of the district administration apparatus and is also on its financing. The publication of any material in this paper foes through Pravosud personally, therefore there can not be any talk about the transparency of the media.

Alexander Pravosud with his accomplice Alexander Chaban crank their frauds under the guise of legitimate activities. Examples, which prove their atrocities, can not be counted. The plundering of public funds will continue as long as officials are confident of their impunity.

Do not forget about the influential ptraons of Pravosud, who are people’s deputies of Ukraine. We can assume that Mr. Pravosud is just a pawn in a large game of those same deputies who, at one time, managed to take Berdiansk to their hands. Perhaps now in the honorable list of their territories there is Akimovka district and Pravosud only jelps to fulfill the plant of influential people.